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Cranberry & Walnut

Cranberry & Walnut

$ 9.00

Our Cranberry & Walnut bread is a wonderful combination of sweet and tart, making it perfect as breakfast toast. We've used it to make a unique and delicious French toast, and one customer even used it as a base for Thanksgiving turkey dressing!

Bread flour, water, sourdough starter, dried cranberries, shelled walnuts, turbinado sugar, yeast, sea salt

8" round loaf, 750 grams

Kept in a paper bag on the kitchen counter, this loaf will stay fresh for up to four days.

Customer Reviews

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Kim Wrubel
Cranberry Walnut is amazing

I always loved when my favorite NYC restaurants would serve cranberry walnut rolls prior to the appetizer, so when I saw this loaf on the menu, I had to try it. In a word: WOW! Absolutely loved the flavor of this loaf! There was no skimping on the cranberries or walnuts. The density of the bread is just right. It had a great crust, too.

I enjoyed this for breakfast today with a very light schmear of whipped cream cheese. SO GOOD!!!

Totally spectacular

Especially love this as a hearty breakfast bread. It's got lots of walnuts and perfect amount of cranberries. Toast it up and slap some butter on there and you're ready to rock. One of my favorites. But they are all so good its nearly impossible to choose.

Laurie C.
Cranberry & Walnut Bread...another winner

We love all Journeyman breads and this one is yummy too. It’s a great breakfast bread plain or with cream cheese and makes a turkey sandwich special.

Brian Lownds
Light and Full of Goodies

So often Cranberry Walnut bread can be not only dense with walnuts and cranberries, but also bread-heavy. The Journeyman bread is different. It's jam packed with walnuts and cranberries, and held together with a lighter bread. Saves more room for the good stuff! Awesome breakfast toast!