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the best bread my family had in a while

had the english toasting bread and the sourdough bread both were great cant wait to try the raisin bread thank you

Thrilled with our subscription!

We are thrilled with our every other week subscription to Journeyman Bakery! The bread is fresh and delicious, the variety is great and the delivery to our door is so convenient. We adore the English Muffin toasting bread and the cranberry walnut. The price is high, but it is worth it for exceptional bread.

Deli Rye


My favorite

This is my favorite Journeyman bread--it's texture is firm but pliant; the crumb is moist with evenly distributed small bubbles. It makes a great sandwich just sliced and even better toast soaking in butter. It stays fresh for ages (likely because of the starter). I've also made a marvelous savory bread pudding when it finally does go a bit stale. Just fantastic.

I am obsessed with this bread

I am a huge fan of both English muffins and crumpets, and this toasting bread is a wonderful alternative to both. It is airy, filled with wonderful nooks and crannies to nestle both butter and your favorite jam or preserves. And it manages to be both crunchy and soft at the same time after it’s toasted, and that in itself is pure magic. I cannot say enough good things about this bread or this company. Keep up the great work. I am a fan.

English Mutfin Perfection

Not to be missed! Perfect toasted with butter and jam for breakfast - or a midnight snack!

My Daily Bread

If an English muffin and manna from heaven had a baby, it would be this bread. Makes the best toast EVER.


I ordered this bread to have for Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches, and it was perfect! great for morning toast as well.


Every loaf of bread I order from Journeyman Bakery is so fresh and delicious! The Cranberry & Walnut is particularly outstanding! Thank you so much for offering such high quality bread!


Vollkornbrot (Single Loaf)

Five-Grain Sourdough (Single Loaf)

Texture of the Five-Grain Sourdough is lovely as both bread and toast. Makes great panini as well! Sourdough flavor is faint but unmistakeable. Home delivery service is terrific.


great tasting bread.glad i found you,

Amish Dinner Rolls (One Dozen)
The Best Roll Of My Life!!!

I'm sure there was a tear in my eye last year when I ate the last on of these babies. I'm not going to try to explain this roll because you wouldn't believe me. If you want to thrill your guests order a few dozen. Trust me... You'll want MORE!!!

love it

great bread. love i can have it at my door every friday.

Vollkorn Bread

Love the Vollkorn Bread & your excellent service! Thank you so much!

Five-Grain Sourdough (Single Loaf)

Great bread thanks

Five-Grain Sourdough (Single Loaf)

Five-Grain Sourdough (Single Loaf)

Light and Full of Goodies

So often Cranberry Walnut bread can be not only dense with walnuts and cranberries, but also bread-heavy. The Journeyman bread is different. It's jam packed with walnuts and cranberries, and held together with a lighter bread. Saves more room for the good stuff! Awesome breakfast toast!

Trust me.

I've had many of the types of bread. Each are exquisite and truly delicious. My favorites- English muffin toasting bread, olive sourdough, apricot fennel. It's all so good- every bite is totally worth getting it. Trust me.

Good Bread

This is the best white bread I can find anywhere in Westchester.

Great bread

Two loaves into the subscription and both were excellent. Looking forward to the next installment.

Good Bread

It is hard to find really good bread without making it yourself. This bread is as good as I would make myself. Anyone looking for a good white bread should get this. I have also tried their Cranberry Walnut bread which is also wonderful.

Love the bread!

This is absolutely fabulous bread - the price is worth it for the quality. Still working my way through the full range, but this is now a staple in our house.


We struggled to find quality bread in the Hudson Valley until we found Journeyman. The bread is consistently excellent, and to have it hand delivered by the baker is a wonderful touch. We like to know where our food comes from, especially in a country obsessed with industrial agriculture that diminishes soil, water and air quality. Thank heavens for Journeyman bread. Worth every cent.

Fantastic, fresh bread

Both loaves we've tried have been marvelous--the texture is perfect, much more like my grandmother's bread than anything from a bakery and the flavor is deep and satisfying. I look forward to the delivery every week.

Five-Grain Sourdough (Single Loaf)

Fantastic bread. Looking forward to purchasing more.

Great local baker

Love supporting local baker, making a great variety of bread. Always look forward to my Friday surprise

What was I waiting for?

Bread was great can't wait to try th next one.

So far, so good!

Great flavor of Oatmeal raisin cinnamon. Can’t wait to try the other offerings. Thank you

Pain au Levain (original)

Love it!! All your breads are delicious and fresh!!! Quality A A A

Great bread

Loved it. Fantastic choices!

5 Star Breakfast Bread

Great taste and texture. Wonderful service too!

Good but $7.50 exorbitant

Breads were unusual and we want to support local baker business. We discovered that we have 'pedestrian' tastes so the offerings are too different for our tastebuds. I would be glad to purchase a bread at a time, particularly the pumpkin bread but $7.50 is too much to spend.

Great Bread!

I have been happy with every loaf I have received. It's such a pleasure to come home from a long day or work and find a bread waiting for me. My favorites so far have been the cinnamon raisin, sourdough levain and pumpkin harvest.

Love the bread. The pumpkin

Love the bread. The pumpkin and the cranberry walnut are my favs but they are all delicious!


What a treat to have fresh, artisanal bread delivered right to the door!


We love having these breads delivered Different surprise every Friday Each delicious and fresh


The bread is delicious. Its so nice to have freshly baked bread. I'm really enjoying it !

Pure bread

It's awesome, I know I can taste the difference and the convenience of getting at my door is great.

Great texture and taste.

Great texture and taste. Couldn't wait to try it again for morning toast.Made a great breakfast for the week


Love it!! All your breads are delicious and fresh!!! Quality A A A


I'm so happy to say that I've trained my husband to check the "drop spot" on Fridays! I usually find a dirty counter and a jar of ghee. This have been an amazing experience for our family as I try to make most meals local or up to a 15 mile range. You are my completion!!! I'm so happy to have found you. I'm also thinking that your bread will be my Christmas gifts this year! Thank you thank you thank you!

Cinnamon raisin sourdough bread by Journeyman

Amazing flavor to this cinnamon raisin bread, best I have ever tasted. Great breakfast bread, toasted or made into french toast. My families favorite way to start a morning. Recommend highly!!