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Journeyman is a community supported bakery (CSB) located in Peekskill, New York, focused on preserving the ancient tradition of bread baking while exploring the role that bread plays in sustaining a community. Journeyman creates a mix of naturally leavened (sourdough) and yeasted breads using flour that is milled in New York State. All bread is baked by Westchester resident Michael Sellers.

Journeyman's bread is sold by subscription, which  allows for a direct relationship between consumer and baker. Select the plan that's right for you and in no time you'll have fresh-from-the-oven artisanal bread delivered to your home once a week. Note that we do not have a retail location, therefore all bread must be ordered in advance.

All photos by Amelia Panico.

Press coverage
"Supermarket white bread has been ruined for us every since we tasted one of Michael Sellers perfect Pullman loaves with a tender-yet-structured crumb and just the tiniest hint of sweetness. It’s only available online or at area farmers’ markets, but totally worth it."
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"Journeyman baker brings bread from his house to yours."
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Highlands Current - March 25, 2017
"We tried more than a hundred (!) loaves from local bakeries to find 12 we’d want to fill our bread boxes."
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"One Peekskill dough master is using the Internet to make homemade loaves a staple again."
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Michael Sellers
Owner/Baker, 914-471-0296
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